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Comic080: "Corruption at its best"Comic080 Comic081Comic081: "Lemony Fresh"
Comic082: "Valentine Gothica"Comic082 Comic083Comic083: "Ellizen procrastinated"
Comic084: "'randomly'"Comic084 Comic085Comic085: "Heavy Files"
Comic086: "Star so bright."Comic086 Comic087Comic087: "And the gods Decree"
Comic088: "No Boom in space"Comic088 Comic089Comic089: "Lazy to the max"
Comic090: "Flushing away sin"Comic090 Comic091Comic091: "Rabbi in a box"
Comic092: "God! lay off the weed"Comic092 Comic093Comic093: "Anti-Gay Abortions"
Comic094: "An Irish way to go"Comic094 Comic095Comic095: "Catastrophy"
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