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Comic032: "Life Meter pt 4: Hammer Time!"Comic032 Comic033Comic033: "Life Meter pt 5: So the doctor said..."
Comic034: "Life Meter pt 6: Semi-Dead"Comic034 Comic035Comic035: "Life Meter pt 7: Geting up again"
Comic036: "Filler~"Comic036 Comic037Comic037: "Life Meter pt 8:At a loss"
Comic038: "Survivor Vatican City"Comic038 Comic039Comic039: "Day of Silence"
Comic040: "Faith Factor"Comic040 Comic041Comic041: "POPEMAN !!1!"
Comic042: "The Darwinist Apears"Comic042 Comic043Comic043: "Evolution? pfff~"
Comic044: "Mutant Horde"Comic044 Comic045Comic045: "20 ! Popeman saves!"
Comic046: "Sprites and PA"Comic046 Comic047Comic047: "HS Graduation"
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