Comic103: "Retribution to bland"

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09~13~2006 01:24 am PST
Ugh... shiskabob veggies

So last night I had the most bland meal ever, no I'm not kidding it was like textured water. The Onions had the flavor boiled out of them the mushrooms were sauteed in boring and it just didn't have a high point. So we had to go out and get blueberry pie to rid our oral memory of the horrars that it was. It was like ew... I can finaly understand how peopel can hate veggies, These kinda recepices have to be destroyed forever. They need to be shot into the sun as soon as possible.

Anyway, I'm thinking of making a 3d model of Kenpachi Zaraki from Bleach but I can't seem to find any excelent reference pitures any one have any ideas or pics. I'd apriciate if you toss them my way. I should have it done by november if I work at it, december if I slack off.
Peace, Entropy,

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