Comic100: "All Elli's fault"

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08~22~2006 01:18 am PST
Rising like a pho-nix

I am happy to annouce that Infinite Paradox will be returning to is regular update scheduale as of sunday.

So the site was on the fritz because our host changed their server and well failed to inform us. Samil cleared it up super quickly major props to him.

It seems all are pre work is for naught, since we now have to delay untill me and Ellizen have free time from school/work to devote to it (say december perhaps?). I guess we'll pick up where we left off then.

I'm sory the current 100th comic is an epic fail after so many weeks of silence, I'll fix it up this weekend its just a tech notice anyway.I swear it woulnt end up like comic 36 - the eternal filler. Its good to be back people, we're a long way from dead.


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