Comic099: "Verbal Beatdown"

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07~05~2006 10:47 pm PST
of happy and joy

Anime Expo was a boat load of fun, I hung out with centi in the artists alley for a good while, met coey and wen-m from deviant art (I met some others too but I honestly don't remember their s/n). My roomates were the shivering sheep and one of them was Ansem in the pre AMV martial arts show. All in all Anime Expo was totaly and undeniably awesome. I got my self a small set of copic markers and made a space pirate with them. That was definetly a media experement for the win. I got stoped once for a picture which was neat because I umm... didn't cosplay as anything interesting. The dealers hall was well great and took up 2 of the convention center halls....and and... well it was so awesome if you haven't gone then go next year, you wouln't be disapointed.

The phrase defication for the win came out of a conversation that wound down when one guy threatened to pee on one of the other roomates and well it just kinda came naturaly from that. ...yah naturaly.

In honor of the site that must not be named we slashed one of the b's between the convention center and the hilton.

As for the comic;
The delays are because Ellizen and I are working hard to bring you the best story possible for the next 100 comics and that is realy hard work. So far the story is set and we're adding the final touches to the characters and such to make it all fit together, but we're not going to start it until we've finished all the prep work for the first arc. So sit back relax and enjoy your summer(winter for you south hemispherers=). The 100 comic will be up soonish, or rather as soon as we have it all set up right.


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