Comic098: "Leaky goodness"

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06~08~2006 10:50 pm PST
Summer, yay!

whoo! its summer and finals are done and yay!

I'll be up in sac till the 28th and then down to Los Angeles for Anime Expo. Hope to see some of you there.

06.13.2006 1335 PST

I'm back! I'll be available for writing scripts quite soon, gonna cram a semester class into about three days and I'll be set ^^ also, I'll be at AX with Drachis- either as the scantily clad catboy or the big samurai on the ballroom floor with bells on his hair- hope to see you there ^^

06~30~2006 02:11 am PST
Insanely Busy

Ellizen and I have been working hard on makiung the upcomiing seris totaly awesome. Its been very time consuming and we don't want to start untill we're ready so the next two comics will be a bit slow in the coming. I have comic 99 about 75% done but I'm headeding over to the anaheim area tomorrow for Anime Expo so the comic wouln't be up till wednesday. I'll be in the artists Alley some, with eli and perhaps anthroprincess. Well hope to see some of you soon.

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