Comic095: "Catastrophy"

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05~15~2006 03:23 am PST

Ellizen has more cats running around his house then a picnic has ants. No seriosly.

So I've been working on a lot of fun stuff lately, first off I have a Dali-esque peice in the works for my art couse. Its prabobly the most work I've ever done in photoshop for one peice. I toss that up wednesday, its not done enough for a preview.

I played though Jak 3 this weekend... it took about 15 hours all of it good. I recomend the seris to any one who loves platformers and guns. Also Guitar Hero is loads of fun if you love a music game then its totaly up your alley, but thats old news. Now that E3 is over we all know what is coming from the big N and Sony (I don't give a hoot about the 360). I think the Wii will be a big hit all around, I can't find a message board that dint have a long thread of distaste about it. So power to nintendo for some great marketing. As for the PS3 its seems a bit steep for the full version, although unlike the 360 the lesser version is stil fully functional. The games for it look very impresive but I'm not sure how fun it will be, the Wii seems to have the fun department mastered. Personaly I'm likely to go with the Wii since I've been switching brands, between Sony and Nintendo since way back, and my last console was the PS2. The price discrepancy is also a factor, think about it::

PS3 = 600 or 500 | Wii = 300 | New Game = 50$ or 60$ so if you buy a Wii you can buy 4 or 6 games and still 'only' spend 600$ but a PS3 + game(s) would be 600$ + (50$ or 60$) x Number of games comes to 660 or 720 ect for a PS3 and a few games. The same works for the price between the 360 and the Wii but the difference is only 2 games and at the end of the day its all about the games and the graphics and sound are just there to help make it a better experence and the Wii even extends that exprence to the controler. So bring on the fun! Also have you seen Spore? of couse you have, thats the game that will make me update my computer, so I'm saving up till then (and hopefully the Geforce 8)...hopefully I wouln't need to upgrade to Vista to play...ugh that would be a disgusting horrable horrable thing. Vista looks cool and all that junk, but an OS is abother 200$ or more since M$ thinks it witty to sell crippled versions of their OS at a lower price. Thats like selling candy but having a pricing sceme that requires the buyer to pay 10$/lb or get some cruddy all natural suger free Linux alternative. ALthough I may just build my machine from scratch and get gentto of Debian or some such...but then NO spore. What a pain that woudl be. I guess M$ knows what their doing GaH! stupid inteligent marketing scheme. Well at least M$ is around, without them how would apple be able to exist? They feed off the dissendt generated by faulty M$ products. Well as CAD put it they don't even recive negative attention. he he he.

So I went out the Nintendo Punk concert over at the Kintting Factory last wednesday, it was crazy awesome. I reccomend it to any one who likes the musics from games but I don't think it rolls back around till next year so your out of luck for now, but you shoudl check out The Advantage and Totaly Rad they totaly rock.

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