Comic093: "Anti-Gay Abortions"

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05~01~2006 11:42 pm PST
Sketchy at best

Sorry no color this week the sketch version of the comic took up more time than what I had originaly allocated to it so be happy. I think I finaly figured out hands, which is a big whoop.. now for shoes... If I get a chance I may make frame 3 into a wallpaper but not for a few weeks.

This comic is for , or rather mocking the anti-gay protestors that showed up at my old high school on day of silence. Its a shame that christianity is more concerned about who is sodomising who than the big picture. I'm going to have to say that the whole no gay marrige thing is just a distraction from some much bigger issue out there and with all of out heads turned away the church can fux around. BAh, I'm just a wee bit put off by religion it seems like a great way to make people not question their reality and leave their 'fate' to bigger entities. Well how ever you want to look at it, I'm sickened by it.

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