Comic092: "God! lay off the weed"

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04.24.2006 0521 PST

ye4h, we're prolly gonn4 get in trouble for this one...

04.24.2006 1953 PST

This one was in cockeyed celebration of april twentieth, and for those of you that don't know- 420- a major day for stoners everywhere...

The idea came up the night of the twentieth entirely out of the blue on the phone ^^

Oh, if you didn't notice- the one at the top left of the can bears a striking resemblance to a monkey that should never have made it past the planning stage, let alone made it into power...

04~26~2006 10:32 pm PST

I've been busy as of late... but don't worry it will all be worth at for both me and you the reader. I just keep hoping that al the peices fall into place correctly, there may be a few too many dependencies in my planing. One of the artists I'm working with hasn't produced any of the concept work they said they would its a big disapointment so far... well 8 weeks to go, stick around to find out what going on.

05.01.2006 0245 PST

Drachis has quite a few projects on his head, so there will be a delay this week- but please come back tomorrow or the next day- this one is good ^^

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