Comic080: "Corruption at its best"

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02~08~2006 6:07 pm PST
To the lost

Go play black and white 2 now, seriosly.
But if your machine can't handle it or your too cheap I guess i can explain it, in two different lands you are given mobjectives (for points) to change your alignment in some direction, the first one was called cahange of heart where you go from evil to good(I never succeded at that) and the one in the comic is attain ultimate evil... ie get to evil 90% or higher. the comic should do the rest of the talking...or your not looking close enough.

Todays comic is a dead writer day so it doesn't make sense then go yell at ellizen he is the new writer.

02~09~2006 06:35 am PST
Technology at its finest

The new apple patent realy looks like some interesting stuff. We might be seeing some quality tablet PCs from them in the next few years, wouldn't that be awesome?

02.12.2006 2051 PST
Uh, Yah

sorry about that readers, I was braindead for a little bit, The next one is already set, and I'm setting up a few more right now~


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