Comic031: "Life Meter pt 5: So the doctor said..."

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03~06~2005 5:35 pm PST
An efficient posting system

As some of you more tech savy individuals out there may of noticed that the site hasd been converted over to php. We even have a niffty post creation system that does NOT Require that I muck through nasty text files of html to make a post.
I guess our next project is going to be makin ga linsk page to all the good comics our there that me and samil visit.... dear lord that may be a long list...(I personaly read at least 40 comics) we will more than likely only have links to our mutual favoretes, like Penny Archade, Control Alt Delete, VG cats and 8-bit. but that may take a while.

I hope you arer all looking foreward to the next jewish joke on comic 36.

> Peace,

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