Comic024: "Bear Trap"

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03~09~2005 11:17 pm PST
Trapping my room

This comic is derived from the mind of a firend of mine. I had started to lay some non-lethal traps around my room to see if any oen was entering my room withourt my knowlage. So my friend was over and we we're sittign around and chatting and he stated that all my traps were useless and could be easyly reset and that I should use bear traps.

That way I would have s section of a persons leg to identify who had been in my room a kind of Cinderella story but with more morbid undertones and crippled people. Over all a better story one might say, but that does not matter at the moment. The point is that this comic is created and baised off of an idea by my friend sam. I'm not sure but maybe I should scare some people and make a picturebook out of the concept....

^.~ who knows~...


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