Comic022: "Teeth"

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12.23.2004 1740 PST
Nondenominational winter break

Wow, it took me half of break to get it up... but I finally did. Yes, this is more or less a true story, too. I ate Ramen and Pepsi at 3 in the morning, and then slept for 12 hours... Do I need to finish the rest?

It's also the last time I do a comic without Drachis... I mean look at it!


03~03~2005 08:13 am PST
Never Again

I have to agree with Samildanach here there is no way i will ever let him make a comic.

From now on if I ever decide not to make a comic then i will have a guest artist fill in for me.

As for the comic I am impressed that he actualy made a comic at all, it proves that miricles can happen

Anyway I know this post is late but better late than never right?


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