Comic018: "Kosher Ninja"

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11~21~2004 1:13 am PST
No this is not a guest comic

The recent addition to the IP cast kosher ninjas!

Gotta love those little guys running around protecting Jewish people from non-kosher food~heh. I'm almost certen that they are entirely my creation.

The kosher police has been done before, but really could you see a kosher police? It would be too much like a Jewish SS or Gestapo. Which in my mind doesn't seem to work.

For those of you interested in the means of creating such a comic, they were:
Adobe Illistrator,
Project Dogwaffle,
and Time [lots and lots of it]

This comic is the main reason that there was a binge of scanned comics. That should be over for a while well at least until school starts up again.

Starting from this comic, each comic that's number is a multiple of 18 will be a comic baised on some odd Jewish custom. Hope you all enjoy that. I intend to eventualy be able to poke fun at many cultures and their customs in this comic. The things that cause them to generate paradox, infinite paradox that is.

Till next time,


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