Comic001: "Enter the Cannon"

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10.01.2004 1700 PST
Look! In the Sky! Its... Another Comic!

Woot! We got another one up.

What can be said about this comic... the gore really speaks for itself. I'll let Drachis introduce the Galium cannon, I was either unconcious, or too preocuppied with hemoraging to pay much attention when he talked about it.


10~01~2004 05:30 am PST
Gallium Cannon Heck yah!

I'm kinda surprised that I updated so soon it’s not even a week from the first comic. I may actually be able to maintain a schedule, for our (few) fans out there I hope I can. Comic 001 was made from a mix Adobe Illustrator, Macromedia Flash and a scanned drawing of the Gallium Cannon. Everything excluding the gallium cannon in the first scene and the Katar in the last on was made in Flash. The Katar that my character is so haphazardly throwing up in the air is my favored hand to hand weapon; I just think the assassins on RO are so cool! Katars are Indian punching daggers for all you non-weapon buffs out there and the one in this comic was made in Illusrator.

The Gallium Cannon was an idea I came up with after doing a bit of study in to particle accelerators. The original concept was a weapon that would accelerate a mass to near light speed so that the wake generated by that given mass would cause untold destruction (which I will soon tell you bout). I then realzed that a magnetic field needed to accelerate a mass to near light speed would severely disrupt any electronics in the surrounding area so I figured why not make it an orbital cannon, which is what is shown in the comic, but as Drew so kindly pointed out the cannon would accelerate into deep space after one firing making it useless. You know Newton’s Laws for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

So instead of giving up on the cannon, like any sane person would have done, I have stored it on the back burner for my take over of the world. Then I shall mount it on the moon making it into my 'death star', of course after a few shots the moon is bound to fall out of orbit causing world wide turmoil as the tides get royally F**ed up. Maybe its not such a good idea after all... well I'm sure that in 50 years people will look back and say 'you know that Drachis?' 'Yah he was the one who invented the Gallium Cannon and took over the world, dude I wish I was that creative.' Or something to that degree...

Even if taking over the world is a major responsibility I think I can handle it I mean come on its only one world...

(-<) & <3 & S
~ Drachis out

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