Comic000: "Prelude to Infinity"

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09~30~2004 08:20 am PST
OMG a comic?!?

This has been a long trip, full of peril....who the heck am i kidding~ this was a project started all the way back in May of 04'and we've been slacking off since then.... sooo yah~ the first comic was made entirely in FlashMX2004 and the rest of the comics are likely to be in a variety of formats till I get a style down.. so enjoy my creative process and such~

<3 & (>-) & S (Love & Peace & Entropy)

Drachis out~

10.01.2004 1700 PST
It's all coming together!

We got the comic up on the 27th, which was last Monday, and we only just now got the borders up. I blame society, but I think the Toli will blame me, and he's probably closer to the mark. When I say society, what I mean is Star Wars galaxies, which has owned my soul since I got it, which was well before school started this year. I think I may have the kicked the addiction to it though, cold turkey, while doing this web-site.

We'll just see how that works out.


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