Comic111: "Finals Filler"

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02~01~2007 10:58 am PST
Busy busy

School has been pounding me harder than an inner city cell mate and I have to say the comic has really taken a back burner position to it. I've been working with Ellizen on getting the comic back into gear. We've developed a bit of a story, and its kinda Dungeons and Dragons based, kinda not. If all goes as planned then you shouldn't have to wait much longer(say past this weekend)to see that.Hence forth I plan to blame all delays on the fact that I have my 4th quarter review in a few weeks.

02~20~2007 00:37 am PST
OF busy and things

Comic on haitus until I organize my time in such a manner that I really have time for it. The site is going to be up for at least the rest of 2007 so I'll be sure to do some light updates sometime in the future.

10~15~2008 8:27 pm PST
New things abound.

Decided to use this domain for a number of things on the back end that might be of intrest.

I've posed my portfolio up on The portfolio is a bit simple at the moment so I'll expand is as time allows but it gives me a starting point, something I've been laking for a while.

And I've been participating in the Unearthly challenge and using a subdomain for image hosting. That has been eating a lot of my time the last few weeks and is like to contine to do so until it ends.

As much as I would like to jump back into comic making it is unlikely to happen before I graduate unless I can start to make the comics in 3d...hmm... well we'll see how that goes. Untill then enjoy the archives.



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